Althorpe House

Today we went to Althorp House , birth place and resting place of Princess Diana. Even after 10 years this coming weekend most people can remember where they where when they heard the awful news. I remember getting up and turning on the TV to hear the news and thinking oh someone`s died it must be the Queen mum. The shock and upset of realising the truth- spending the day in my pink dressing gown in tears and my 2 eldest -too young to understand being confused. Dh was in away on business in Israel . Doesnt seem that long ago.

Any way we had a lovely breakfast before we went – not normanlly one for a cooked brekie but it was lovely . The weather was gorgeous and we set off and found it easily with a little help from Suzy`s Tom Tom . Its such a beautiful place , so peaceful even with people about – we arrived just before opening time so it wasn’t too busy and by the time we where leaving it was getting more crowded so if anyone wants to go my advice is to go first thing.

I did worry that it would be a bit corny and tasteless but true to Princess Diane it was done in such a respectful and elegant way. It was a bit tearful seeing round her childhood belonging and video clips- Her wedding dress and lots of outfits that she had worn in her Royal engagements and then later charity work – very moving.

The house was beautiful and it was lovely to think that the areas we where allowed to see round are actually lived in by the family . The house is only open for a short time so once the last of the paying visitors leave its all sorted out and put back to family use. Quite funny to see in such a fabulous library among all the old and historic books a CD player and a discreet shelf of CD`S – mostly classical for the noisey like me.

Then it was of for a walk round the man made lake and final resting place of Princess Diana even with other people about it was a quiet and dignified place.

Back to the stable block where we had a light lunch sitting out in the court yard and a visit to the shop which is much more elegant than an NT shop and a lot more pricey – no cheap and nasty souvenirs here.

Once back at our hotel we spent a lovely time in the spa – a few actually swam but I sat happily in the jacuzzi being totally chilled and relaxed .

We had a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant , it was lovely been served and not worrying what the kids where going to have first and having grown-up chat and then sat in the foyer and chatted till quiet late-then we ended up in a room and chatted even later.


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