Its been a rough week –sigh .Just as well college was cancelled at the last minute really don’t think my brain could engage fully . Sounds like they don’t have enough tutors to cover all the counselling courses – Now why doesn’t that surprise me – simply its not the first time since I started this has happened. Ok things do go wrong – out side of peoples control but at this stage I just want to get over it with the least fuss possible – Very sad to her that one of our tutors has moved on – A lovely man who I have learnt a lot from – not content just to teach us the theory he really gave himself too. Pity in a way I know him I think I would have got a lot out of some personal therapy with him- obviously I cant .

Completed a truly awful task at last – some times you have a duty to preform which although is the correct thing to do – its upsetting and painful for all concern , all you can do is give it to God and take direction from him. But I feel like I have been pulled through one of those old fashioned mangles.

Ds2 had settled in to school well , a few tears and clinging to me one day but happily he had moved on ans seems happy in his new environment.I do think that schools and teachers expect too much too quickly from little ones and focus on the class as a whole – important to remember that then are all little individuals.

Realisation has sunk in that this is it , summer ( or the lack of it ) is over and we are ever moving on to a new season more changes and with it my children forever growing up. I think Ds1 had a fair point when he told me the other night that I had to remember he is nearly 16- gulp when did that happen when did he stop being my little boy who wanted kisses and cuddles – I assure you he must be giving them to someone else cause I cant remember the last time I got a hug from him- I do try and sneak up on him occasionally but he’s wise to me now

Oh well better go and make the tea -spare ribs and baked potatoes


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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a rough week. Praying that now you have done what you in your heart of hearts knew to be right, you will find some peace. Big hugs Gil, stick in there, it will all come to good for everyone in the end. M x x x

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