A match made in heaven ????

Oh Im so pleased – birds havent fought at all . In true female fashion Tweetie pie has sat on a perch with her back to him- he appears to be the quiet silent type- A match made in heaven?

One of the reasons I got him was so that Tweetie would have some bird company I hate animals on their own. Also I’m not sure she knew she was a bird – didn’t touch her cuttlefish  or millet. And stayed very much in the one spot- I guess she did have a traumatic start – escaping from her previous home, her capture and rescue from my cat. But already she is eating the millet – copying Sylvester( yes I know its a silly name for a bird) and they where chirping earlier and actually sharing the same perch – ok I dont think they where chirping together but its a start. Hopefully soon I will start letting them out for a little fly

Tara is not impressed


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