You know one of the things I like about the blogging world is how topic and lines of thought can be shared /discussed across the net – things evolve and adapt – One persons thoughts sending a ripple through out blog land I found an interesting post about self -esteem over at Autumns which has given me plenty to ponder on . As you know I recently posted a poem on self-esteem and have been thinking a lot and have blogged a little recently about how I have been changing inside – Looking and seeing my self differently -little things that on the surface seem unimportant but underneath means a lot .

I suppose you could say my self-esteem has risen -is this a bad thing -Could be- if I was being consumed by self- importance and seeing my needs as more important than others. I guess I’m learning to love myself a little and accepting that “For God so loved the world …….doesn’t actually include in brackets( except me)- No Im not worthy- never will be – but a rather imperfect Christian ,I need to do better need to focus better on him-often Im too easily distracted but you know I’m learning that I’m not a bad Mum -I could be better- I’m not an awful wife, daughter , sister etc – but I could be better – God puts value on my roles I need to accept that value-otherwise am I saying I know better? I can see it in others and yet struggle to see itin myself and yet if I do that easily then am in danger of being consumed by self-importance – so humbly, with Gods grace I can whisper I’m not the terrible person that I thought I was but that’s on a good day I still have a way to go –

I think God wants us to have a little self esteem to reach our earthly potential , to listen and follow his plan for us , the wonderful thing about this is he did not want us as slaves , he gave us free will so that we would willingly be with him , to share and give are lives freely – and just as we encourage our children to work and improve our heavenly Father encourages us too .I have no doubt that without him I would have ended up following a different path -one a member of my close family has taken -the only difference between us is a big difference God

I like the saying

God 1st, Others 2nd, Self last…

As a Christian easy to believe not so easy to practice . Its very easy to over commit our selves to helping others – helping others is good but if it uses up all our time they become 1st and where is God- certainly not our number 1, if we don’t practice a little self care then its not long before we have nothing left to give and again God gets very short changed.


God 1st, Others 2nd, Self last…


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