Still here

Been a stressful couple of weeks so I took sometime off from blogging- thats not exactly true in that when things are tough the last thing I can do is talk or write about them- Im the same in real life.

college going badly , we are tutorless for our placement module , the tutor we had and I use the word tutor lightly as he wasnt a counsellor but a social worker- didnt appear to have a clue and apparently wasnt there to teach but to supervise us- the 2 week we did see him he seemed to spend it getting us to talk about ourselves and then interrupting us and talking about himself- I`ll make a deal- When I finish – (should that be if )- I promise I wont try and teach social work – just need social workers to promise not to teach counselling – Anyway we more than half way through the module – 2 classes – no teaching , assignments due in – no idea about what. hours bad and its out of my hands

I have to do this court appearance via video link which is going to be truly awful – against a family member which has brought horrible memories back and feels like a betrayal and yet I have no choice if I dont Im letting others down and when they are children – well as I say no choice

Just found out my Dh is being made redundant in the New year -not so worried about WHAT new job its the WHERE that makes me anxious . Sure does put a strain on relationships.

Anyway my hubby is away for 3 weeks to climb to Everest – not the top Im glad to say just the highest camp. Hes in Kathmandu for a couple of days with a couple of guys from work before he begins the climb- seems a very poor place, filthy with lots of people begging – his first visit to a third world country and Im sure its hard to see people living in such poverty- please keep them in your prayers as they continue on their journey,

Been feeling very isolated and alone these past weeks – I know God is with me but I seem to have built a wall around me, Keeping him and others at arms length. Spending less time on the net, more time reading my Bible and other material , more prayer and its helping . Was re- reading Ann lamonts Travelling Mercies and read of two prayers she finds helpful- Help Me, Help Me ,Help Me and Thankyou , Thankyou , Thankyou – sounds good to me .


4 thoughts on “Still here

  1. ((((Gil)))) Sorry to read that you’re still having trouble with your college – they sound somewhat like my uni used to be for me! It will get better, and you have shown such resilience and resourcefulness, I don’t doubt that you will get your qualification with bells on!

    Hang in there honey. Praying for you, and for a safe return for your DH. God is there for you all. Hugs M x x x

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