A day of blesssings

Today has been a real mixture of good and bad.. It was so cold this morning – minus 2 degrees but such a beautiful morning and everyone got out to school with little hassle- I even left myself enough time to defroast the car-Hurray.

Was so blessed to see a special little visitor to my garden – A jenny wren . I haven’t seen one in the garden for a couple of years. I remember in my Nanny`s garden they where frequent visitors and I watched it for quite a while before it flew off . Somehow I think God made the wren just before the mouse or is that the other way around- it seems to scamper among the fallen leaves and is a similar size- at one point it hopped from link to link on the wire fence – it appear to be climbing, typically no camera at hand but I googled and found this lovely photo Here but I dont think it shows just how little and cute this bird is.

I had clients this morning 3 appointments 1 show – its gone past the point of getting upset or anxious and I m beginning to think this is why I feel lethargic to my assignments – I really dont care – this time last year I was practically having a nervous breakdown over them – so maybe a blessing after all. A good thing that I discharged a client today who was much happier and coping and thanked me – I told her it was her that had did it. The amazing thing I used CBT technics and I think the tutor who had taken us through the CBT module would have been surprised and I really had neither liked or enjoyed it but it seems it has its place- a definite blessing

After school bear (ds2) and I went to the forest park to feed the ducks and swans. He was thrilled that so many came out of the water to get their bread – one was particularly cheeky. It was amazing though how many seagulls have taken advantage of the situation had seem to have become lake birds instead – I feel towards them the same as feeding starlings in the garden – they come across as being greedy and I tend to chase them- I had my black shawl on today – My daughter says I look like a mad bird women in it and I did live up to it today – every so often lifting my arm and flapping my shawl to chase these cheeky birds away- dont then know they are meant to be sea birds and catch fish???

Also bumped in to a friend who was walking her dog who I haven’t seen for a couple of years, I used to work with her , she came to my wedding and I went to hers, my 2 eldest are a similar age to her children. The last time I was speaking to her she was telling me her marriage and broken down so it was lovely to here that she is getting married again and happy and I will be praying that it goes well for her . The only down side was Bear trod through dog mess ( not her dog) and if its one thing I hate cleaning is dog mess- which is why the shoes are still waiting for their final scrub on the door step and I still havent warmed up . So as you can see the blessings have won.


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