My week, My week end

Well I should be at church but instead Im at home loaded with the cold and a sore chest , bear has been sick . vomiting and a high temperature,off school from Wednesday -glad I only have a cold I really hate been sick .

I have youth fellowship tonight – we dont have enough leaders to not go – If I dont go then no youth fellowship and I promised hot chocolate tonight so how can I let them down. Think last week went well -I was doing a talk on the persecuted church and we agreed to collect some money to buy some children’s bible , the idea is that every member and leader buys one and try to encourage other family members to donate as well. Just like how people died and were persecuted in the 16th century to have the right to have a bible that they could read in their own language that fight has not been won for those living in India, China and many other countries. Course lots of surfin to find out info- so much persecution going on in the world , past and present and no doubt future. We talked about persecution during biblical times , the holocaust and the persecution of those first protestants who died to break free from the Roman catholic church – one thing I do find upsetting is why oh why do those who have persecution or have persecuted in their history not learn and either continue or then begin to behave in the same way .I believe that often things are done in the name of religion when they often have a political agenda and a fear of letting go of power.

Anyway I will have to sit in a corner away from everyone or everyone will have it next week.

It didnt help last night that I took my eldest kids and friends to an MCR concert and we got soaked before hand. Took me hours to warm up later. Now bad language doest normanlly offend me – as long as they leave God out of it – I know alot of young people use it just as part of their speech without giving it any thought of the actual meaning , Im even not naive to think that my own eldest two may not speak the way they do at home when they are with their friends no matter how I have tried to bring them up. And I try to be like Jesus and not let it form a barrier between me and who ever uses it.Ad I hold my hand up that in anger I have let word slip which are not words of a Christian.
But My chemical romance in concert is truly cringe worthy not the just language but the way its used – real crude . Some people did have their younger kids with them. When Dd was that age I took her to West life – who are lovely.

Such a shame cause the lighting was fab, the pyrotechnics’s, the music , the beat and the lead singers voice – I do like lively -lol , just the language spoilt it anD the way it was used to get an reaction from the crowd- which worked.

Dh home on Tuesday so we will all be glad and he will be glad to hear that when my heating packed up when it minus 2 here that my Dad came out when he wasnt well with the cold and fixed it , so thanks Dad for fixing the heating and sharing your cold.

No one can say hes not generous-lol


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