My week so far

Poor bear is still unwell , my sister looked after him yesterday when I was on placement ans I half hoped when I collected him that she would have said – nothing wrong with him , he should be at school. but she didnt , she commented on how poorly he was and how he had hardly moved from the settee.

Last night I went out aith our MU for tea and the panto , a yearly event and I must admit my head was full of all I should be doing . To be honest it is a laugh but I cant help cringing at parts, the enuendo which the kids sitting behind us were definately getting , The romance between the leads- both female and often wonder how confusing society is for young children – the mixed messages it sends. Does it need changed?- I dont know – I just cringe.

came home to find that Bear had gone to bed at 6-30 very early for him and decided I would just let him sleep this morning – 10 o`clock so he must have needed it . Do hope he gets back to school tomorrow otherwise he wont know what to do for the nativity paly coming up – yes Im pleased to report his school still does it .

College the night and havent got all I needed to do – have a presentation to do on Thursday and its not started – Help


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