Had to stay up late last night working on my presentation, the problem was back to how the course is run. We where told we had an oral presentation to do and also hand in a written summary about 300-600 words this is for my placement module  which has been a nightmare. Firstly they didn’t have a tutor , so we missed weeks , then a tutor who new nothing about counselling but talked a lot about himself. Finally a tutor who seems to know what she is talking about. However there is a limit to how much she can achieve in the 2 weeks we have had her. She had left a apologetic message with out tutor on Tuesday  that our summary was not a little short thing but a written case study of 2000 words – eek . course notes just said summary and we had asked how long only to be told the wrong information. Not her fault at all. But  a nightmare to get done in time. Also we have been given little info so its a real hit and miss to what needs to be in .

So I have the core of it done , referenceing still to do and check that I have enough theory in and that it makes sense.


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