Church was lovely today – Sunday school nativity – Bear of course chose to sit with me – he never takes part and sang his little heart out . He’s such a friendly out going child but just something about the thought of going up to the front and performing makes him anxious and he clings to me . The worst year was when a friend – his Sunday school teacher had bought some new costumes and had picked a wooly sheep for him especially – with his curly hair it was perfect . Just before we took them down to the church he decided that he didn’t like sheep and that was that, we tried to persuade him but he dug his heels in – for over a year if we where out in the car and past sheep – a little voice from the back of the car would pipe up ” me no like sheep” poor child traumatised.

So anyway the service was lovely , a mixture of traditional songs and worship and the praise band – I love Christmas services . You can shut out the world, forget the crazy people spending madly and just focus on what is truly important , Jesus – Perfect.

This afternoon I prepared the food for youth fellowship – we had a party and it went down well proving you are never two old for silly party games. Someone brought an electronic pass the parcel which I would love to get one – no more wrapping and all that waste and rubbish at the end was fab and a must for Bears party in the summer . Feel sorry for the teens obviously they are completely starved at home going by the amount of food they put away and felt slightly sick as some tried to see how many mallows they can have in their mouths – YF record is now shared at 22 – yuck.


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