Bibles in China

I was so blessed to hear on Premier radio that the world biggest Bible factory is to open in


Amazing isnt it China is way up at the top of the worlds worst countries for Christian persecution . This factory will be able to produce 1 Bible a second . No time for complacency as we have seen in Greece people have been brutally murdered for printing Bibles so prayers to protect those who work there and their families will be needed and also that these Bibles- Gods word will reach the hands of those who suffer a thirst for him. However as you can see by the last open doors update below China has a long way to go . The majority of Christians attend underground churches secretly, its illegal to distribute Christian materiel . Yet China is being allowed to put on the Olympics and to act as if everything is rosy- I’m so not impressed.

Also we had a collection at Youth fellowship and where able to donate enough money to buy 10 Childrens Bibles through Open Doors ( not to late to still make a donation) not bad for about 12 teens. I feel its important that our young people are aware of the suffering of their brothers and sisters across the globe while encouraging them to enjoy and share the freedoms we have here .

God is wonderful and I thank him for his mercy.


2 thoughts on “Bibles in China

  1. There are people at our church who have visited China and smuggled bibles into the country. Yes I heard that it was also highest in the level of Christian persection – sad unfortunately but look what people did to Jesus in his day?

  2. Wow, just found your web looking for christmas Bells, thank you it was a blessing. Been praying for a little board that they found nailed to a board. He was a slave and ran away, they caught him, but Jesus as well saved him. Praise God Anne

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