Open doors- Nigeria

Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man. [NIV] Psalm 112:4


Ten people have been killed and three churches set on fire after Muslim high school students in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi went on the rampage. It was claimed that two foundation blocks had been removed from a high school mosque under construction.

An eyewitness at Baba Tanko Secondary School said the Muslim students then attacked their fellow Christian students, leaving 10 dead and the homes of dozens of Christians burnt to the ground.

A teacher at the school said that the students had won approval to build a mosque at the 3,655-student school and began laying the foundations later the same day. A week later the violence, which began on a school campus, resulted in rioting across the town.

The Rev. Timothy Dogari, from the local Evangelical Church of West Africa, [ECWA] said, “We have had to mobilise ourselves to keep guard over this church building, as Muslim [fundamentalists] have tried to burn it down. Even now Christians are still being attacked and many are fleeing out of Bauchi.”

Tensions between Christians and Muslims continue to escalate in northern Nigeria , after the Sultan, who is regarded as the leader of Muslims in Nigeria , urged Muslims to build mosques beside churches. He said if any church objected to it, the church should be destroyed.

Source: Compass Direct / Open Doors

Please Pray:

  • Pray for Christians who have suffered in the recent violent attacks – that God would heal them, enable them to forgive and provide for all of their needs
  • For Rev. Timothy Dogari and other church leaders that they would give wise and Godly leadership under the threat of persecution
  • That the authorities would not be intimidated but would act with peace and justice.

Thank you for praying with us.


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