I was a little disappointed the other day , I was writing an essay and as I often do I went on to youtube to play one of my lists only to find most of my hillsongs where gone. not allowed to be played – Now maybe Im missing the point , I do understand that artists do produce songs to sell and make money but should Christian artists be so short sighted and so focused on self. Often I read 1 or 2 comments left and its obvious that non Christans do come across their music on youtube – sometimes the comments can be a bit rude but who is to say how may people listen and find a little seed is planted in their hearts . I have bought several CD`S after hearing a song on youtube by an artist I didnt really know of. Christian artists I think you need to re-acess your focus- is it God or selling cd`s-

I bought a cd by Michael w Smith after enjoying Above all on youtube


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