I have been so lifted and blessed recently – by what ? – God of course and how he has used the young people in my area through Streetreach . Over a period off 3 days- about 160 young people , 40 leaders from about 30 churches took part for the third year in streetreach, by doing simple acts for others in the area to help demonstrate Gods love. Often when churches provide help for the communitiy there is a catch – a hidden agenda- Like we are having a service please come ? No hidden agenda , just the simple message that God loves us.

Faith expressing itself through love” Galations 5v6

It was wonderful , so often we hear of the negative side of our young people , rarely the good. We all worked hard, praised and worshiped God even harder , some wonderful teaching which I have to say some people seem to think that if it isnt traditional then its not real and not as Godly – well all I can say God is the judge on that one . I think they miss the point , its not instead off but part of the faith and worship based firmly on our dear Lord Jesus – I saw young people who loved God so so much and weren’t ashamed to show it , just wanting to please him .. God has to be at the centre, its had to be all about him , and just as often some can lose their focus among the excitement of more modern worship so too can people become complacent with the traditional liturgy. I remember our minister getting muddled saying the creed once – just tripping over his words – well my goodness you would think that after how many years we would have carried on correctly – well no we all stumbled like lost sheep – Im sure its happened in most churches – doesnt that say something ?. I really have been convicted recently about how we close the door on our young people, expect them to follow a service which was written so many hundred years ago and I also have been thinking of those who reformed the Church – methinks they would be turning in their graves to know that the “ new” that they began and lost their lives over where still being held on to for grim death . We are going to have to answer for what we do to reach out to our young people or should I say what we fail to do . If Jesus came back during street reach – I have no doubt that he would have got stuck in with us and oh the joy on his face during worship –

Praise God and thankyou Lord for each and every one of those young people who took part and for the passion in their hearts- we can surely learn a lot form their example


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