Well I have been soooo sick – real good old fashioned Flu which has completely floored me . I hold my hand up to in the past having a bad cold and claiming flu. I now realise that I was exagerating . I have been house bound and bed/settee ridden for 10 days- Today I ventured out because I really couldnt miss placement again and am now suffering for it – back on the settee- ho hum.

Couldnt have happened at a worst time ( is any time good) , I had a lot on last week . Franklin Graham was here and I had planned to go to that with a friend. It was supposed to have been really good – my son went to the youth event on the saturday night . I also had a meeting with youth for Justice about doing some counselling for them , so that has to be re-arranged. Missed placement and college both nights and also have been to youth fellowship for a couple of sundays .

Dh has been so good doing the shopping and making sure no-one starved . I have lost nearly a stone which take my word for it I can afford to lose but no doubt it will come back once Im eating again – No appetite yet and my stomach is very sensitive . Poor Bear has been off school all week with Croup which he has found very hard as he loves school I do hope hes fit tommorrow as he has a birthday party in the afternoon.

I do hope you all have had a better week


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