Sometimes I disagree with God – OK so very often I disagree with him – I know he’s right but that doesn’t stop me behaving like a sullen child trailing my feet because I don’t want to be going or doing what I having to do or its not happening right now .

My recent sullenness is to do with my Church – I am where I believe God wants me to be but oh why does it have to be a Church of Ireland ( Lord couldn’t it be a more evangelistic church – maybe a Baptist says she hopefully) . Maybe its me I’m very anti establishment – I don’t like man made rules and traditions which when you try and peel the layers of to find out why you do things the way you do well it just seems to be the biggest onion in the world . And yet other Churches have their rules etc., maybe they just seem to easier to understand. I believe that when out Dear Lord was crucified , died and buried that it was the end of all that . It was saying yes there had been a time and place for all the old laws but now he has risen – the slate was wiped clean – so what do we do make up all these new rules to follow- crazy .

The reason for this dissatisfaction is simple – summer is coming and from the end of may till September we only have the traditional services – where everything is very set in stone . If I look back to last summer I will be able to see that on the same Sundays we will sing the same hymns ( more or less) say the same prayers for definite . Here she goes again and yes probably if you look back I will be in this same frame of mind last year and the year before. And I know that if I left it wouldn’t solve the problem – yes for me it would but that would be such a selfish act to walk away . We have moved forward albeit slowly and I am part of that change and where God wants me to be – last summer I rarely was in Church – too depressing but after chatting with a dear friend today I feel that just to hide over the summer without a word is not the right thing to so I am going to tell my Minister how I feel – I know I’m not alone , not even in the minority any more – The ten o’clock service is now the bigger service when its on – its come so far and recently so many and commented on the very real presence of God.. The sermons have been so uplifting and inspiring – Praise God for all he has done and for all he continues to do


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