Thoughts and rambles

Today is not a good day

Problems at home , children not only bring us the greatest Joy but also the greatest pain . Very often it feels like slow slow progress and then very rapid desent into the dark frightening place . Dh said its not my fault but thats not how it feels . How do I know that my own emotional damage hasnt a part to play , how can I with the same emotional damage make it better , make it right. I cant ..

In many ways I can see that I am indeed becoming a good counsellor , I’m empathatic to my clients needs , I understand even if I dont always agree, Recently I began working with young people and although scarey at first I  find I am able to counsel them in much the same way as I have others , Each a individual with different problems but a very similar human  basic need . And yet I fail so badly when it comes to my own , no matter what I do and do well if i fail with my oen kids then i fail all that is important

Today is not a good day but Im praying and trusting tomorrow is better.

Proverbs 3: NIV)

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;


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