Today I got stuck at a junction – seemed ages in the heat and I put my best smile on and waited , hoping someone would take pity on me and let me out .

Its always bad at school time , the village groans amd complains at the extra traffic – it only takes one thoughtless person to park where they shouldnt and it comes to a complete standstill .

Finally after what seemed like an age someone took pity on my plight and I was able to continue my journey – a mile taking me 15 minutes .

I thought about that person who for a brief moment put someone else first and how often we dont take the time to , too caught up in our busy lives. For me helping others is a almost a secret part of being a Christian cause those we help  9 times out of 10 wont know  and we wont get the chance to talk about God to them – at least we can say a little prayer .


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