Proud Mummy .

A proud mummy moment today . Bear came out of school today beaming – he had received the high achiever award   for working hard at his writing .

Of course we had to take a picture – he`s such a little poser for the camera and loves taking them as well.

I have mixed feelings about these sorts of awards- Im aware that their are several children in his class – including him  until today that have been a bit anxious about not getting the award . Not an exam but still pressure for such young children – what if at the end of the year a child hasnt got it – Im sure they deserve it for something because they have all achieved so much in their first year of primary school – every one a little achiever , proud Mums all round.


5 thoughts on “Proud Mummy .

  1. Know exactly what you mean. I have thought that the bright ones are often praised and rewarded and the naughty ones are praised and rewarded (to try to get them back on track, by praising their good behaviour) but the middle of the road ‘average’ child largely ignored. I think the only way to combat this is to reduce the class sizes – dramatically, and we need to invest in that.

    But well done bear!

  2. You are so right – every child achieves something in their year at school. I think teachers should make sure that by the end of the school year each child has an award to be proud of and a feeling of achievement. Self esteem is so important to children.

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