A little rant

Anyone that knows me knows I hate driving at night , a little bit night blind and tend to get lost if Im somewhere different .Im fne short distances A to B or even C . Otherwise I avoid it . So wasnt too happy when I picked my eldest son up to find that his girlfriends bus hadnt arrived – or as i though was more likely she had missed it . It meant me driving along a country road – no lights – one of the joys of semi rural living – you dont have to go far to appear out in the sticks . Got there fine but on the way back I was driving along when a large siver jeep appeared on my tail and I mean practically attached . I refused to speed up and after a while flashed my warning light – I got a full beam flash back which made me cross so i eased off – slowing down – I did hope he would overtake but really there wasnt a place and he was too close for me to pull in . Warning lights failed again so I lightly touched my break and let me tell you he fairly pulled back . It was only when i got home and got out of the car that i realised my legs where shaking I guess 45miles a hour is too slow for some but fast enough for me on a long winding road in the dark . When he got home he probaly complained about some stupid female driving along at 10 mile an hour .


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