So Not fair

Never liked those video clip programmes where it is deemed funny when people trip and fall over -personally cant see what is funny about people nearly breaking their necks . Society seems to love laughing at others as they fall flat on their faces .

Im sure if one of my neighbours had been out early yesterday armed with their video camera they would have been assured of the £200 or so for the funny clip as I fell and nearly broke something . Actually thought I had broken my arm as I fell and did a rather spectacular roll – bumped my hip and a few scrapes but otherwise thank God .

This morning I woke up in agony, awful spasms .  My back , I have damaged discs and was on painkillers for years – A year and a Half ago a couple of friends prayed over me and praise God I was great and didnt have any side affects of stopping strong tablets immediately .  So today Im resting , letting God have peace to do his work .

What I want to know if I was 2 I would have cried , got up and been fine – Why is that , why do kids bounce , and why at 21+++ do I not . So not fair.


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