I was asked by a friend would  I be a stewart and help out at a care for the family event . I have been to several events and attended one of their courses quite a while ago about parenting teens – It was while my teens where quite young and alot of it I have found helpful over the last year or two , especially the importance of keeping the lines of communication open .

Thursday night was called  Motherhood- the rollercoaster years , They had a couple of good speakers including Jean Gibson who works for Care for the family – I had just finished reading her book called Seasons of womanhood  which I can really reccomend. Its about different women at different stages of their life and there faith as they continues life journey. You can find out about Jean here –

Also Moya Brennan was  singing and sharing her story which was awesome who some will know from Clannad. I will save some of her music for Monday and it was so special to hear some of the meaning behind her songs

All in all a worthwhile evening


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