I think this is a great idea so am passing this on – please feel free to do so as well…………

Richard Dawkins and the British Humanist Association have raised over £119,000 for a nationwide poster campaign with the slogan “There’s Probably No God! No Stop Worrying, And Enjoy Your Life!”.

As Churches we need to thank Prof. Dawkins and the BHA for this wonderful opportunity they have presented us with as it will undoubtedly get people wondering all the more about God’s existence. Instead of being all negative and cross with this campaign our plan is to engage with it positively and turn the tables on these outspoken atheists.

www.thereprobablyis.com has been set up to be available to churches of all denominations to point people to when they see these posters going up in their towns and cities. In response to the atheists saying “There’s Probably No God!” we as Christians need to stand up and say “There Probably Is!”. http://www.thereprobablyis.com is based around a simple idea of presenting normal, intelligent, sensible people’s stories of why they believe in God, and allow those who see the atheist campaign to decide for themselves.

We are inviting Christians from across the UK, from any background and denomination, to submit their story of why they believe in God. This can be a testimony of how you became a Christian, or perhaps better still – why some years on you continue to believe in God. What has God done in your life? What evidence have you seen or experienced first hand which excites you and convinces you still that God is real, and that He loves you?

Visit http://www.thereprobablyis.com today and submit your own personal story of the truth and love of God.