I dont wear make up at church

So after a worse year than the one before my last pitiful attempt at returning to blogging Im back at church , a different person , one who doesnt wear mascara cause its easier to cry with out it and when your dear friend uses her sleeve to wipe away your tears your arent messing up her jacket .

I have lost that child like faith where you believe God will look after you and protect you , yet my faith in him is stronger than ever.
Is if a mistake to tell our children that he will protect you against harm when clearly he doesnt , rather he is with you and cuddles you up in a warm blanket even when you are unaware . Surrounds you with people to pray for you when the words and thoughts choke you .
Maybe then not so many would fall by the way side when the shit hits the fan. Recently I felt anger and tearful when the childrens address told them what I see as false promises for now . People do get sick , accidents do happen and there are evil people in the world who do harm but more importantly God is always there even when I am not .


3 thoughts on “I dont wear make up at church

  1. Aww Gil – really nice to see you back blogging. I’ve had a huge break too and am just getting back into it. I know exactly what you mean about the false promises … that is part of the reason I’m not going to church or doing anything much “religious” any more. Life is not perfect, we are not perfect, and bad stuff happens. Have you read The Shack? You might find it helpful x

  2. Aww how sad! I feel sad for Suzy too. I am happy you have return to blogging. I think you both may be going through a crisis of belief, make sure your opinion isn’t based on mans relationship with you. I just want to remind you both that when God’s people see something only God can do, they come to know God. Make sure you both are spending time with God in prayer, by reading the Word of God and with fellowship with other Christians. I will be praying for you both.

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