This is my very favourite time of year . And the last few days have been everything I love , soft sunshine  low in the sky. These warm days are even more special with a crispness about them . All the beautiful colours that only Autumn brings , natures last splash out before winter sets in .

A time to take stock of how the year has been for us and prepare for the winter . Often we do things because we have and feel stuck unable to stop for fear of letting people down , it can be hard to let go of things we have outgrown or that have outgrown us . And as we make these changes its important that the free time we make isn’t pounced on by those eager to fill it for us .

Learning to say no is an important lesson often we learn after many mistakes . The need to feel we have to give a reason means a “No” can become a “maybe” . The not at the moment can become “soon”. And before you know it you are signed up to start helping for a temporary period of time till they get someone permanent . Then you realise 5 years down the line you are still doing it . Wondering “How did that happen ?” Learn to say No graciously and don’t feel justified to give a long list of reasons. An acquaintance  give me a piece of advise recently , she never says yes on the spot – even if its ringing back 10 min’s later to say thats fine –

Maybe God wants you to have this space to reflect on him , he will let you know when to start a new journey . Wait with patience to do his bidding and not that of others.


A Blessing

what a beautiful thought , absolute joy and what a beautiful poem !

A Blessing
by James Wright

Just off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota,
Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass.
And the eyes of those two Indian ponies
Darken with kindness.
They have come gladly out of the willows
To welcome my friend and me.
We step over the barbed wire into the pasture
Where they have been grazing all day, alone.
They ripple tensely, they can hardly contain their happiness
That we have come.
They bow shyly as wet swans. They love each other.
There is no loneliness like theirs.
At home once more,
They begin munching the young tufts of spring in the darkness.
I would like to hold the slenderer one in my arms,
For she has walked over to me
And nuzzled my left hand.
She is black and white,
Her mane falls wild on her forehead,
And the light breeze moves me to caress her long ear
That is delicate as the skin over a girl’s wrist.
Suddenly I realize
That if I stepped out of my body I would break
Into blossom.