This is my very favourite time of year . And the last few days have been everything I love , soft sunshine  low in the sky. These warm days are even more special with a crispness about them . All the beautiful colours that only Autumn brings , natures last splash out before winter sets in .

A time to take stock of how the year has been for us and prepare for the winter . Often we do things because we have and feel stuck unable to stop for fear of letting people down , it can be hard to let go of things we have outgrown or that have outgrown us . And as we make these changes its important that the free time we make isn’t pounced on by those eager to fill it for us .

Learning to say no is an important lesson often we learn after many mistakes . The need to feel we have to give a reason means a “No” can become a “maybe” . The not at the moment can become “soon”. And before you know it you are signed up to start helping for a temporary period of time till they get someone permanent . Then you realise 5 years down the line you are still doing it . Wondering “How did that happen ?” Learn to say No graciously and don’t feel justified to give a long list of reasons. An acquaintance  give me a piece of advise recently , she never says yes on the spot – even if its ringing back 10 min’s later to say thats fine –

Maybe God wants you to have this space to reflect on him , he will let you know when to start a new journey . Wait with patience to do his bidding and not that of others.


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