I have been challenged  or should I say I have challenged myself after reading



I think it says everything that can be negative about religion and very little about Christ –   Jesus came   to save us to give us the  chance of everlasting  life , of spending  eternity with him .

But he also  put in place examples of how we should live our lifes till that day comes – We arent meant to sit on our butts , twiddling our thumbs,  nor are we meant to build big lovely churches and then sit  on a Sunday patting ourselves on our backs   thinking how wonderful we are for our wonderful God .

He came and he got down in the gutter  with us all  and thats where he wants us – continuing his work  on earth . Ministering  to those in need , opening our  arms and hearts to the down and out .

The story above is about a perfect little church not wanting anything to disrupt or ruin  their perfect little world- How Jesus weeped over this .  What does it say  to the greater community , to those who think Christians sit in there  amazing  churches while people suffer with their doors closed.

And what does it say about me , what do I do  to follow his work , what witness am I  and what can I do to make a difference ?


Where Im at

The past while or quite a long while I have being doing what I can , when I can .Been a lot of bed days and days where I have been in the pretend world of everything is normal . But after such a long time of nothingness this is good.

I have accepted that I have been left with depression , I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks . And Im trying to ditch the guilt . Guilt of what has has happened but also the guilt that as a Christian Im not meant to be depressed – so I have been told. Lack of faith so Im told and I have to say i have heard this school of thought before – I say rubbish – without my faith , without trusting In God, without him firmly by my side I wouldnt be here – simple

Im a lot stronger than I have ever given myself credit for
Phil 4:13
For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength .

Im back in church , well actually singing in church – which is a scary thought for the congregation – focusing on God , reading my Bible , praying and writing poetry again – all these things are me or part of me – so little steps have almost become a giant leap .
God is good .