I am actually  excited.  For ever so long  I have struggled with  God’s plan for me . I believe that we are all called to help further the kingdom to  blatantly  pinch a well known  phrase.

Some of us are called to ministry , some to youth work, missionary work , the list goes on  as do the gifts he gives us .  Prophesy and  tongues are  obvious gifts but it could be  God has given you a sympathetic and kind heart and a listening  ear.

 A talent for music , a lovely  singing voice  sadly  doesnt appear to have been given to me  , ironically a    real love for both  has at times felt a bit of a downer . But recently  God has been using  both to administer healing to me , through listening and singing in my church praise band ( background lol). Not only that  but i  have found him “giving” me a song  because it has a message for me  and this is being  backed up  with   the scripture – A friend texting me the scripture , picking up my Bible and  opening  at the right  place , a daily devotional –

I  need to stress that this is not about me listening  to a song and loving it  because I love worship music  , more important  its  about worshiping God . To bathing in his glory  through worship  and listening to  each word and focusing on him . but when  its  meant for me there is a connection that I dont have when its something I like .

5 years of troubles  seemed to be coming to a end , then a blip  almost  at the  beginning of the year , it felt like a battle .