Well took the bull my the horn and did my presentation – I have got an extension due to mitigating circumstances but its good to get one thing out of the way and seems alot better than having to go in over the summer to sit with a tutor and do it . Two pieces of work to hand in for August. Tuesday was the last class for life stage module and i have to say its a pity we hadnt had that tutor sooner . Not only was she a good tutor but it was evident that she actually cared about us and has been supportive to not only myself but others as they have needed it . She really made an effort to end it nicely as endings in counselling is as important as beginning – and I realised that although I have come so far I still keep people at arms length – dont trust – damage form abuse I know .
Tonight is last class for supervision practice , hand in next week which i will not be doing . Good news is no fees or classes – just do the work and hand it in when my hours get up .
Also supevision this week which was good as usual – I always learn something and come away with a little confidence . This week to trust my instincts about referal- something I havent had to do before . Now hope that doesnt sound as if Im wonderful but up to now i am gaining experience in depression anxiety , panic attacks, and anger management , llots of low self esteem in the mix- severe PTS is not something that it would be ethical for me to play with .
Had a meeting with a youth organisation who work with courts looking after young offenders who have been instructed by the courts to attend counselling – met my first client and that starts next week .
Lots of prayers need for Tuesday as this is so important for the young people and the area I want to go into .
So I guess I will have to change my sidebar info as after tonight I will no longer be a college student and yet not graduated – somewhere in the murky middle .



Well isnt life funny , now that the decision about college has been made I have got a little spark back and have actually done quite a bit of work done – lack if pressure I think and also seeing my son1s effort being able to catch up on his – feeling proud of him – its hard being a teen . Im also feeling very aware that I do want to graduate eventually and if I just set it aside it might just happen in time for my retirement lol.

So I have been working on my presentation which I may have to present to the tutors instead – yikes but am glad to get it finished- will work on the write up in May even though it doesnt now have to be in till August. Have also being doing some work for my problem module ,the one I cant complete without a certain number of placement hours- I have to hand in 24 personal Learning Records and a summation – I have about 19 done so thats great – will hand them in , in August 2 just to get them out of the way . Also a case study to do for August – either on a client or myself .
Actually would it be a bit naughty if I start my personal therapy and use what ever comes out of it to help ? Take the summer off and then 2 taped case studies and a vivo to complete. Good news is I have found out I will have no other fees to pay and wont even have to go to classes as I have done them and have enough academic hours. I will just need to check in with whoever is taking the placement module .

Still waiting to here about the clients I will get through an agency – if you remember it was cancelled due to my flu . I hoping to have my hours up till Christmas.

college finished

Last night I finished college till after the holidays and have decide to put aside my sight seen exam until after boxing day and concentrate on the holidays instead- sounds a good idea especially since I havent am idea what to do with it, House is a mess so have made a list and starting to make my way down it . Still a few presents to get. Next week am going with my church to carol sing outside tescos to raise money for charity- this will be the third year so is beginning to feel like a tradition .


Well our ‘ oral presentation’ turned out to be anything but – we where in fact asked a serious of 6 questions and its clear if they where anything to go by I didn’t put into the written case study what they where looking for . A scrape though will have to do I fear.

As someone said last night if this course was a football match we would be running round in endless circles chasing the  moving goal posts- and i was never very good at sport .We just all want to finish now .


Had to stay up late last night working on my presentation, the problem was back to how the course is run. We where told we had an oral presentation to do and also hand in a written summary about 300-600 words this is for my placement module  which has been a nightmare. Firstly they didn’t have a tutor , so we missed weeks , then a tutor who new nothing about counselling but talked a lot about himself. Finally a tutor who seems to know what she is talking about. However there is a limit to how much she can achieve in the 2 weeks we have had her. She had left a apologetic message with out tutor on Tuesday  that our summary was not a little short thing but a written case study of 2000 words – eek . course notes just said summary and we had asked how long only to be told the wrong information. Not her fault at all. But  a nightmare to get done in time. Also we have been given little info so its a real hit and miss to what needs to be in .

So I have the core of it done , referenceing still to do and check that I have enough theory in and that it makes sense.



well what do you think will I get a good grade for this ??- was doing part of an assignment tonight and forgot to save my progress when pc crashed . It auto saved and it looks like this – actually not exactly like this but its how it looks when I copy and paste – oops

A day of blesssings

Today has been a real mixture of good and bad.. It was so cold this morning – minus 2 degrees but such a beautiful morning and everyone got out to school with little hassle- I even left myself enough time to defroast the car-Hurray.

Was so blessed to see a special little visitor to my garden – A jenny wren . I haven’t seen one in the garden for a couple of years. I remember in my Nanny`s garden they where frequent visitors and I watched it for quite a while before it flew off . Somehow I think God made the wren just before the mouse or is that the other way around- it seems to scamper among the fallen leaves and is a similar size- at one point it hopped from link to link on the wire fence – it appear to be climbing, typically no camera at hand but I googled and found this lovely photo Here but I dont think it shows just how little and cute this bird is.

I had clients this morning 3 appointments 1 show – its gone past the point of getting upset or anxious and I m beginning to think this is why I feel lethargic to my assignments – I really dont care – this time last year I was practically having a nervous breakdown over them – so maybe a blessing after all. A good thing that I discharged a client today who was much happier and coping and thanked me – I told her it was her that had did it. The amazing thing I used CBT technics and I think the tutor who had taken us through the CBT module would have been surprised and I really had neither liked or enjoyed it but it seems it has its place- a definite blessing

After school bear (ds2) and I went to the forest park to feed the ducks and swans. He was thrilled that so many came out of the water to get their bread – one was particularly cheeky. It was amazing though how many seagulls have taken advantage of the situation had seem to have become lake birds instead – I feel towards them the same as feeding starlings in the garden – they come across as being greedy and I tend to chase them- I had my black shawl on today – My daughter says I look like a mad bird women in it and I did live up to it today – every so often lifting my arm and flapping my shawl to chase these cheeky birds away- dont then know they are meant to be sea birds and catch fish???

Also bumped in to a friend who was walking her dog who I haven’t seen for a couple of years, I used to work with her , she came to my wedding and I went to hers, my 2 eldest are a similar age to her children. The last time I was speaking to her she was telling me her marriage and broken down so it was lovely to here that she is getting married again and happy and I will be praying that it goes well for her . The only down side was Bear trod through dog mess ( not her dog) and if its one thing I hate cleaning is dog mess- which is why the shoes are still waiting for their final scrub on the door step and I still havent warmed up . So as you can see the blessings have won.