Nearly a disaster…….

Bear loves lasagne and absolutely hates beans , I end up making it every week and he has the spare bIt the next night – he never eats beans .

As part of trying to save some pennies i have started buying  supermarket own brands – Do you see where this is going . In a mad rush the other night i hurridly open the tinned tomatoes and stirred them   into the mince – only it wasnt tomatoes it was BEANS. AHHHHH could it be any worse – why do the labels look so similar.  What should I do  , it would taken forever to pick them out and you can bet any missed would end up on his plate- So I mashed them in and NO-ONE noticed Phew, in fact he said it was delicious , nicer that ever so maybe i will be mashing beans into it in future-lol



Oh the joys of Ikea- what did we do before without it . Bank holiday Monday and we went down to look at desks etc – Dd`s room needs a revamp . She`s too big and grown-up for her high bed with settee below , so its dismantled and she is sleeping on a matress on the floor till the room  is decorated . So we got a new desk , chair and bedlinen , Bear got a new night light and I ( drum roll please ) got a cheese grater , fab red and black clothes pegs and a really cool black and red reusble shopping bag . Sad thing is Im really pleased with my purchases.

The cafe is great in it and bear enjoyed watching all the planes taking of as its beside the city airport .Now I have to decide what to do with the old high bed . Too good to throw out and the matress and setee cushion done .

This week

Been is such a state of high anxiety this week , so many little  niggley things to do I have been completely overwhelmed and have achieved little. Such is the nature of how i have been feeling generally , not helped buy the fact Im still feeling quite sick from my meds.  I dont really expect to see any effect yet but I was hoping the bleurgh and yucky feelings would be  lifting.

On a brighter note I mentioned recently a link that was sent to me by a friend of Louie Giglio on you tube , well I was at a friend house On Thurday  and she played the whole video for me  “how great is our GOD. Blew me away – I came away feeling very small and very precious to Our Lord – Can really recomend it .

A Graduation

Well I may not be graduating but i have a friend who did on friday night and Im so proud of her – She attended the BBC – Belfast Blble College p/t for 3 years . Graduation service was in the spires in Belfast and it was such an awesome service – wonderful sermon by a pastor from scotland who attended  the college nearly 25 years ago . Based on Jesus`s simple words ” come follow me ” – very fitting for the 200 graduates who are about to set forth and “Follow”  Jesus .  Some wont go far but many will return to their own homelands including sudan and kenya. Our thoughts were drawn in prayer to 2 former students who are in Burma and China in the middle of the disaster areas – especially Burma where what ever we see in the news , conditions are much much worse.

Praise was wonderful but for me it was the Africa students singing – I may not speak their lauguage but God`s love radiated through their praise and I felt so blessed by being there and sharing their special time .

Proud Mummy .

A proud mummy moment today . Bear came out of school today beaming – he had received the high achiever award   for working hard at his writing .

Of course we had to take a picture – he`s such a little poser for the camera and loves taking them as well.

I have mixed feelings about these sorts of awards- Im aware that their are several children in his class – including him  until today that have been a bit anxious about not getting the award . Not an exam but still pressure for such young children – what if at the end of the year a child hasnt got it – Im sure they deserve it for something because they have all achieved so much in their first year of primary school – every one a little achiever , proud Mums all round.

Good news

Well decisions have been made- difficult and a bit painful but even that hasnt hisdden the fact that I feel a certain amout of relief . I have decided that I wont be graduating this year instead resiting my last placement module next January. Still going to college to finish my other module and even that means I have asked for an extention. I have finally admitted to Dh that I am feeling extremely low – fighting depression and it only through the Gods grace that I have not being pulled under completely- I dont have to look to far to see reasons for my present state of mind – a dear friend said to me on Tuesday that I had gone through such a lot this past two years and it was time to practice a little self care – My tutor more or less said the same thing and I have to agree with them.

Good news is that My Dh has been offered a job- not just as good as the one he was made reduntant from but will certainly keep his spirits up – I will have to a bit more responsible with the funds- not something I can claim to be good at normanly.

Ds1 has finished all his course work , a bit last minute but after what he has being going through Im just so grateful to God that he is doing any work at all – Thanks to all you that are praying – keep at it , praise God prayers are being answered in my house.


Well I have been soooo sick – real good old fashioned Flu which has completely floored me . I hold my hand up to in the past having a bad cold and claiming flu. I now realise that I was exagerating . I have been house bound and bed/settee ridden for 10 days- Today I ventured out because I really couldnt miss placement again and am now suffering for it – back on the settee- ho hum.

Couldnt have happened at a worst time ( is any time good) , I had a lot on last week . Franklin Graham was here and I had planned to go to that with a friend. It was supposed to have been really good – my son went to the youth event on the saturday night . I also had a meeting with youth for Justice about doing some counselling for them , so that has to be re-arranged. Missed placement and college both nights and also have been to youth fellowship for a couple of sundays .

Dh has been so good doing the shopping and making sure no-one starved . I have lost nearly a stone which take my word for it I can afford to lose but no doubt it will come back once Im eating again – No appetite yet and my stomach is very sensitive . Poor Bear has been off school all week with Croup which he has found very hard as he loves school I do hope hes fit tommorrow as he has a birthday party in the afternoon.

I do hope you all have had a better week