The Wedding

Nearly 17 years ago I got married and Dh neice was my bridsmaid so you can imagine how proud I was when Dd was bridesmaid for my niece. we had a wonderful day . The wedding was held in the church I attend and it was lovely having the whole family there. It was made all the more special by having a large party of visitors from Canada which is where the groom is from. Honestly they where lovely and Ds2 was ruined by all the attention. we had met them the week before at a BBQ so by the wedding day they already seemed friends and the weather was wonderful the whole time they where here, in fact as soon as they left summer seemed to end.The reception was held in Belfast castle which apart from the wasps was lovely – why do wasps love me course I got stung and had a really bad reaction seems to get worst each time. The sad thing my neice is going to live in Cananda